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Managing Variant Complexity across the Development Lifecycle

posted May 9, 2018, 3:01 AM by Attila Nemeth   [ updated May 9, 2018, 3:21 AM ]
No concept shall go without a decent Before/After comparison, so in this post we fill this long standing gap.

The Before-image shows the result of an assessment we were tasked with by one of our customers who apparently had issues with managing the complexity of their product line development: variability was managed using different concepts at different stages of the development lifecycle, out of synch, without any chance for consistency.

The After-image shows the basic idea of PLE to extract varibility information to a central model (in this case the so called Feature Model)  that allows expressing variability, their dependencies on a higher abstraction level and in a central place, in a neat and consistent manner.

And the Disclaimer: Any Resemblance to Your Actual Situation is Purely Coincidental (but not without any reason).